Monday, December 19, 2011

News and Notes

The Everblades didn't do too well on their road trip. Two points out of six? Not ideal obviously. Luckily our two home games this weak will be against the perpetually struggling Trenton Titans. They're currently sitting in eighth in the conference. That's a little hard to swallow when you consider we won the Brabham Cup three seasons ago.

- Links to the game re-caps if you haven't seen them yet- loss to the Gladiators, loss to the Road Warriors, win in the shoot-out against the Road Warriors.

- Maybe the Blades struggles of late can be contributed to the Jr. Blades stealing all the winning mojo from the Germain atmosphere. They cleaned up at the Palm Beach Showcase they attended over the weekend going a perfect 4-0 during the tournament. That makes their record 22-0-1-0. Congratulations guys!

- You guys know I adore the Third String Goalie blog. Well, they were kind enough to to feature the weirdest (and my favorite) jersey in my extremely weird collection. As you can imagine, having a jersey from my collection featured on a blog I read religiously made my day.

- I've talked about this before and Woody over at the Blades' Blog agrees. If you're not using Twitter an following the Blades players and other blades fans, you're missing out.

- I've started a list of current and former Everblades players on Twitter to help you out. I have not included players who have set their accounts to private. I'm creepy, but not creepy enough to invade their privacy.

- If you do decide to join Twitter (and are kind enough to follow me), make sure you tweet me that you're an Everblades fan, that way I can follow you back and let other Blades fans know you just joined. I'll make it super easy copy this- @swamphockey I'm an Everblades fan that just joined Twitter! - and paste it into the little box and press the tweet button. Easy as can be, and a fun way to meet new Blades fans. If you already follow me and I haven't followed you back, let me know (I can be a little oblivious sometimes).

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