Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Carlson Returns!

This has got to be the best signing so far! The Everblades announced that Ross Carlson has agreed to return for his third season with the team. I absolutely love that the team has decided to bring one of the best players from last season back. He wasn't just a great captain, he was a really dependable player.

Carlson will bring a big scoring presence to the team. For most of last season, Carlson was one of the best players on the ice. He led the team in goals, points, and plus-minus. He was also a very calm dude. I really can't recall seeing him lose his cool at any point over the last two seasons.
This really is the best signing so far. Ross Carlson is just what the team needs, a solid veteran presence and a proven record of on-ice success. He's also a tarpons worst nightmare:

(I'm sorry, I just can't be serious no matter how hard I try)

At least August is over. We only have one more month to get through and then hockey season is upon us.

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