Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paquet Returns!

(Tomorrows links are going to be posted late again. I'm pretty sure my chosen method for dealing with the crazy branch of my family is going to equal a monster headache tomorrow)

I said the Everblades would make an announcement today and they did. Defenseman Phil Paquet has agreed to return for another year! I'm super excited simply because he was one of the nicest players last season (that's really all I need to like a player). He also happens to be a really smooth skater. I think he'll fit into the new system coach Greg Poss will be introducing. As always, here are his stats....

I think it's a little weird that the team isn't evening out the announcements, three defesemen and one forward so far (and no goalies or red-heads at all). It's also a little weird how much the team likes Clarkson alumni. I can name David Leggio, Phil Paquet, and Shea Guthrie of the top of my head. I'm guessing someone on their staff knows someone on our staff?

Whatever, I'm just happy the Blades are finally announcing some signings. Now can the next player be a goalie? Please?

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