Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mitch McColm Returns!

I love that the Everblades announced a signing just when I needed it! They didn't announce just any signing. The Blades announced that Mitch McColm will be returning next season. I guess I chose correctly when I decided to make him my new favorite.

I think this is really good news. I really liked McColm, he was a solid, dependable defenseman that was always willing to stand up for his teammates. Anyone who remembers the beginning of last season will realize how important a signing he is. As you can see from his stats (or a simple YouTube search of his name), the dude has no problem dropping the gloves.

I'm hoping the Blades start announcing some signings soon. More than likely, they'll wait until Thursday when I'm in Venice to announce Peter Metcalf is coming back. That would figure (and make my month).


  1. I had the honour of being Mitch's billets last season in Regina, not only is this a tough kid, but one of the classiest guys on the ice too. Wish him luck down in Florida. And you people will not be disappointed having this guy on the ice.

  2. He finished off the end of last season with us and I was very impressed by his heart and grit. Bringing him back was one of the Everblades best moves this off season.


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