Tuesday, August 17, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: ECHL Goalie Fights!

I'm guessing the Everblades are going to make a signing announcement sometime today or tomorrow. That's been their pattern lately. Until then, enjoy some ECHL goalie fights.

I recommend turning your sound down now, some of these videos are extremely loud.

First up, from the 07-08 season is David Shantz (stats) taking on Dan Turple of the Gwinnett Gladiators:

Now, Dan Turple (still a Gladiator) taking on Jonathan Boutin of the South Carolina Stingrays:

And a pretty good find from either the 06-07 or 07-08 season, Cedrick Desjardins (just acquired by our new affiliate the Lightning) of the Cincinnati Cyclones takes on Joel Martin of the Elmira Jackals:

And one final one, although technically not an ECHL fight, was too good not to include. I love how all the players stop the minute they realize there's a goalie fight. This video is from the days of the Elmira Jackals UHL days. Tyson Gajda of the Jackals takes on Shawn Conshafter of the Roanoke Valley Vipers:

One of the last things on my hockey bucket list is to see a goalie fight. I've seen a hat trick in person (Bucky's this season), I've seen Sidney Crosby score (in overtime!), and I've seen my Penguins lift the Stanley Cup a few times. All that's left is a Kelly Cup for my local boys and a goalie fight. Is that too much to ask?

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