Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

How awesome is it to finally have signing announcements happen regularly? The Everblades made another announcement today, defenseman Trevor Hendrikx will be joining the team. You may remember him playing for the Checkers last season (he was traded from Johnstown to them somewhere in the middle of the season), and you may actually remember his name from some of the trouble he caused. A look at his fight card reveals he took on both Brady Calla and Benn Olson (I was at the game where he fought Olson and it was more of a hugging match than a fight).

The team press release calls him a good two way defenseman, but really, this guy is good at one thing. You might be able to tell just by looking at his stats (really one particular stat).

Seriously, how many players have you seen play that have a record of 200 PIM in one season and averages somewhere over 100 every season?

In case that wasn't obvious enough, let me give you some of what you can find when you do a YouTube search on him.

And it keeps going and going.

I think it's safe to say that this guy has been signed to basically be an enforcer. He doesn't strike me as a Benn Olson do what needs to be done enforcer. Rather, this guy is the kind of enforcer that really enjoys what he does, and really does it well. I know this signing is going to rub some fans the wrong way, but he's going to be good for the casual fans. He's also what the team needs. You may have noticed, the signing up until this point have been smallish skill guys. I don't think I ever have to remind you about the start of last season and all the liberties the opposing teams were taking. Trevor Hendrikx (and to a lesser extent Mitch McColm) is going to be the reason that we don't see that repeated, and honestly, I'm all for that. 

Besides, better to have a guy like him on your team than against it.

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