Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Blog News!

When I started this blog over a year ago I wanted to share my passion for the Everblades with my fellow fans. I realize now that I've done more than share my love of the Everblades, I've shared my love of hockey. I know now that I want to share even more of this love. The best way to do this, is to share all the great hockey we have in the area. We're very lucky, we don't just have the Everblades, we have the new Jr. Everblades, and a college team as well.

I realized that the best thing for you the readers would be to offer coverage of all the hockey in the area. I began asking around and I was put in touch with a local blogger who was very knowledgeable about the FGCU Eagles. She was kind enough to agree to come on board to cover all the Eagles news for the blog. In the next few days she will be introducing herself, and the team. I'm really excited about this news, and I hope you readers are as well. Stay tuned!

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