Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blades Make a Trade

Update: (I think I'm going to stop writing late night posts) I missed the fact that this was only the players rights that were traded. This means that if he decides to play for a European team he won't be hitting the ice for the Everblades.

The Everblades completed a trade with the Alaska Aces, acquiring forward Alexandre Imbeault in return for future considerations.Imbeault was one of the best players on the Aces roster before he bolted for the Czech league. As you can see from his stats, the Czech league may not have been his cup of tea, but the ECHL certainly is:

How beautiful are those numbers?

Speaking of beautiful, look at these goals:


I did find some interesting things floating around on the Internet. First, some positive here. There's also some comments on this blog that makes me a bit nervous, but really, how can you take any commenter who writes some words in all caps (for no apparent reason) seriously?

The most interesting thing about this trade is that it's probably the last roster move the Everblades are going to make. The quotes from Bush over at the Blades' Blog sure sound like 14 players will be all the team keeps under contract. It makes me a little nervous that we will be relying on our affiliates for a pretty decent chunk of our roster this season. The good news is, with a lot of teams running their training camps right now, we should have a good idea of who will be heading to town by the time our training camp starts.

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