Wednesday, September 8, 2010

News and Notes

Last night was the first season ticket holder party of the season, and a lot of news was announced. You can read the story and see some video of the event here.

- The most exciting announcement had to be the Everblades alumni game. The game will be held on October 5th. The current team will take on some former Everblades and the money raised will go to the Piper Buckly Foundation. They didn't announce the alumni roster, but the story indicates that Reggie Berg will be one of the players and I imagine Tom Buckly will play as well.

- I was expecting last nights big announcement to be the signing of Ernie Hartlieb. Unfortunately, it appears he is still undecided. He indicated that he will have a decision by October 1st, and will play in the alumni game. Whether it will be as a current player or former player is still up in the air.

- The team also announced some of the signings, and oddly, Defenseman Elgin Reid appears to have come up. I have no idea why, he has a contract with the Checkers. It's a two-way contract, meaning they can send him down here, but they haven't even held their training camp. I'm a little confused by this, have the Checkers already decided to send him down without giving him a chance to prove himself or was that just a mistake on the team (or NDN reporters) part?

- You'll all need to change your radio settings too. The team has a new radio home at 1440 AM in Ft. Myers and 1660 AM in Naples.

- Finally, the Blades announced they had brought on Brad Tapper to be the new assistant coach. I'll have a more detailed post on him later in the day once I've had some time to do a little more research.

There will be a party for fans tonight from 7-9 p.m. in the Cypress Club. I'm still undecided as to whether I'm going or not, but I think it will probably be not since I'm the only person on Earth who can manage to catch a cold this time of year.

Also, it's been too long without a kitty!

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  1. I guess Ernie is gone. Dosen't seem to be room if Tampa Bay and Carolina send players down here. Too bad it would have been nice to see him play with a player orientated coach. Where is Colin Nicholson?

  2. Ernie said he would decide if he was coming back or retiring by Oct. 1. It would be great to see him play one more year, and try for the Kelly Cup one more time. I have no idea what's going on with Nicholson. I can't find any info on him anywhere.


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