Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Links

I didn't even notice that last night's post was the 500th on this blog. So, um... yay!

On to business, you might have heard there's a big name tonight. The Everblades are 2-0 in their best of five series with Greenville. I don't think I'm the only fan ready for the Blades to work their magic and spoil yet another divisional rivals hopes.

- Here's where you can listen over the internet (tuning your old fashioned radio do-hickey into 770 AM works as well), and here's where you can watch (once you sign up and pay 9 bucks).

- Can we all agree to put a moratorium on the s-word until we know for sure. ARGH.

- Pictures from Wednesday's game are up by the way:

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Florida Everblades"

- Tweet of the week people.

- I managed to forget to mention this: Scott Pitt was named ECHL rookie of the month! Well deserved for sure.

- In sad news, the Express decided to cease operations. It's always heartbreaking to watch fans lose their team.

- I need this kitty so much. I'm so nervous about this game I could vomit.

advice animals memes  - Animal Memes: Peeping Tomcat: Chase It All Night!
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