Saturday, April 21, 2012

Recap: Everblades vs. Jackals (04/20/12)

Not to take away from Swamphockey’s earlier post because let’s face it the Everblades made it to the Eastern Conference Finals and not much else matters in the moment. However, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t share my experiences from the game (its cathartic).

Return of the Shuggernaut
I’ve been waiting to use this title since rumors started circulating that Justin Shugg would return. While part of the game was spent making Shugg puns (Shuggie, Shuggle, ect.) the other part was spent watching Shugg try to generate some offense for the Blades. Shugg put the puck on net six times and assisted on the tying goal midway through the third period. 

Roysy the Cat
Everblades veteran and captain Mathieu Roy scored the game winner with two minutes remaining in the third period ending a tortuously tense game. He went on record with Naples Daily News, saying it felt like an overtime goal. From a fans perspective I’d agree whole heartedly. In unrelated news the captain joined twitter this week. You can follow him @roysythecat and he comes with several ringing endorsements from teammates. 

You’ve Been Bruessed
Trevor Bruess plays balls to the wall. He’s often overlooked on the stats sheet but watching him play is a pleasure. He hits hard, battles hard and celebrates hard. A regular on “Collision of the Game” Bruess came out to win on Friday night. He contributed the primary assist on Roy’s GWG and appeared excellent in the circle (I have no real statistical evidence for this, but its true. Really it is. See it’s in writing). 

(Regardless) Stewart Shines
Yes, I understand this is an Everblades fan blog. However, there are times that other players capture my attention. Brian Stewart takes a lot of crap for his playing style. It’s different. He spends the time between plays stretching and focusing. Is it different? yes. Is it wrong? not necessarily. Everyone is different and I honestly believe that the better team won in the series, BUT after facing 186 shots in the series the dude deserves some credit. 

A Nod for Nagle
Since I gave some goalie love to the opposing teams net-minder I feel it’s only just to give a nod to Nagle. Nagle was steady in net for the Blades. Showing a stalwart determination that is essential for success. Nagle has posted W in his last three playoff starts, instilling confidence in his teammates and the ever skeptical seventh man. 

*Honorable Mention: This games honorable mention goes to Bobby Raymond. I almost spit my beer as he was whistled for slashing. Swamphockey (in jest, though she is a big fan), “Bobby Raymond? Slashing? Absolutely not. He’s perfect.”

So there we go. Up next? well that is the question isn’t it? Regardless we’ll next see the Everblades on the ice Friday night. I hope the support continues to grow for the team. #QuestforKelly

Oh and the real stats sheet!

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