Tuesday, April 3, 2012

YouTube Tuesday

It was a pretty big win for the Blades last night. Of course, most of you wouldn't know since last night was the lowest attendance of the season. Seriously guys, if I can go to a game on Friday night drive the half hour back from Estero and put videos up. Then wake up at 5:30 the nest morning and work a double shift, your behinds can make a Monday or Wednesday game. This is the playoffs guys, it's time to give a shit.

Ok, I'm done with that. On to the videos!

It was a rough and tumble game. As you would expect when two South Division teams play. There were a lot of scuffles, but nothing really happened until Sebastien Piche dropped the gloves. Pretty easy to say he got the win.

Next up, video from after the game ended. Three misconducts weren't enough, the Road Warriors wanted to go after the game ended. The best part is aropund the 15 second mark when you can see Scott Pitt point up at the scoreboard. Brilliant.

Someone has kindly offered to write a guest post re-cap Monday's game. As I hate writing re-caps, I quickly agreed. Be sure to check back a little later. I know it's going to be good.

Also, anytime you want to write a guest post just email it to me. I don't always enjoy writing and I'm happy to get a break.

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