Thursday, April 19, 2012

Recap: Everblades vs. Jackals 4/18/12

This post took a little longer to write then Monday’s. Don’t get me wrong there is lots to talk about, but after several long days my brain is sorta mushy so you’ll have to bear with me.

It’s been pointed out to me that by numbering the events I may be implying a hierarchy of joy or importance. This never occurred to me since I write little of importance, but just so everyone knows the order is random. They’re not ranked, its just whatever I think of... I love all moments equally. Whew, glad that’s off my chest. 

1) Piche duels
If this was the american revolution Sebestian Piche would totally be Aaron Burr. Dueling to the death over honor. His opponent Nick Dineen (Alexander Hamilton in this analogy) didn’t stand a chance. After slighting the honor of goaltender Pat Nagle, Piche stepped up and did it big. Video has been included for a demonstration of classical fisticuffs. 

2) Pat Nagle: Beast Mode 
Some people criticized Pat Nagle’s performance Monday. For the most part the critics were silenced Wednesday as Nagle made 24 saves to secure the win and the shutout. Not only was he perfect in net, he also provided the second assist on Bobby Raymond’s insurance marker in the third. The Everblades now lead the series 3-1 and can close it out at home on Friday night. Wild guess, but I’d say the Beast will be in net. 

3) Brayden Irwin’s hail mary pass
The Everblades game-winning goal was officially scored by Scott Pitt. However, none of it would have been possible without the nifty setup by Rutherford and the blind “hail mary” backwards passing by Irwin. It was a beautiful goal. Also, @Swamphockey finally admitted she was wrong about Irwin. I have it in writing.

4) Matt Beca’s boo boo
There’s a lot of debate over the cause of Matt Beca’s bleeding face. What I can tell you is that he was bleeding (and quite a bit). Other than that I’m as clueless as the next person (and I was RIGHT there). However, I hope it’s nothing too serious and that he’s okay. We need you Becs!

5) Poss keeps his cool
I’ve been watching the NHL playoffs and have witnessed some epic coaching moments. With that in mind Greg Poss cool demeanor was admirable in the face of what many fans felt was inconsistent officiating. Poss was showed on the video board multiple times throughout the contest. Specifically at controversial moments. Each time he looked composed and thoughtful. Hat’s off to you Mr. Poss (he also looked very beardly, but that seemed irrelevant).

*Honorable Mention: the video operators
The Germain arena video/ camera operators have a great sense of humor. Whether it was Monday’s kiss cam with three dudes or the nightly WAG spotting, their timing is impeccable. 
Real info can totally be found here!
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