Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview: Kevin Quick

Big thank you to Kevin Quick for sitting down with us today and answering the burning questions on everyones minds. You can follow Kevin on twitter @KevinQuick4.

Kevin Quick

Here is the transcript from todays interview:

So you have three cats?
“One was a stray, we took her in and we had another one, it was a boy. We were getting him fixed like two days later, but it happened before we could and we ended up keeping one of the babies so now there’s three of them.”

When did you join Twitter?
“Right after the all-star break,  February. I just got sent back down from Norfolk and we were at the pool... Ruddy’s (David Rutherford) always on it and I was giving him shit everyday about it and finally I just caved. There’s a lot of info on it though that’s the good thing. You learn a lot on twitter.”

Are you more of a "Follower"?
“Yes and no, I don’t tweet nearly as much Ruddy, but I’ll throw out tweets now and then. I just like reading what Tampa’s saying, what Norfolk’s saying, what other guys on the team are saying, that type of stuff.”

Who taught you how to skate?
“A bunch of people. Like when I first started I was awful. Very bad, my dad and mom kept sending me to, to different clinics. One was a figure skating lady who ran a power skating clinic and she probably taught me a lot of it and there was a few other people involved. It was a process, took a long time but it worked, I guess.”

Kevin Quick

You were nominated for worst playoff beard...
“I don’t know. I don’t grow anything on the cheeks it’s just a straight goatee so I can’t really call it a beard. So yeah it’s not even in that category” 

Anyone else who’s worse?
“Maybe Ratchuck (Mike Ratchuck), his grows in patches, it’s like random hairs everywhere.”

Best playoff beard:
“Oh Roysy (Mathieu Roy).”

Does it count because he had a beard before it started?
“I know, it doesn’t, uh... There is some controversy on the team over it, but him and Donald (Ryan Donald) have been growing it all year. A few guys have come in pretty nice, Ruddy’s got a good one, Matt Beca, ah Marquardt (Matt Marquardt), um “Bruisey’s” (Trevor Bruess) got like an Amish thing going on, it’s more of a neck beard, but there’s some good ones and some bad ones.”

What's roommate David Rutherford's worst habit?
“When he goes to the bathroom the door is always open. He never closes it and he never buys his own tooth paste either.”

Would you rather play at home or away?
“Home for sure. You get the sun two days before the game. No more early bus trips or early flights. It’s just nice being at home.”

What's the worst rink in the league?
“I haven’t been to too many, but I mean Johnstown was bad when we had to play there for one game this year. I don’t know there’s a few, quite a few. Greenville’s not pretty, Gwinnett’s nice, Gwinnett’s very nice, I like Reading.”


U17- Gold?
“It was pretty cool. It was ah, it was at that point the biggest accomplishment for me in my hockey career. Wearing the USA jersey, there’s nothing like it. Uh it was pretty amazing.”

So you're from “Buffalo”:
“Uh Tonawanda..It’s ah.. I grew up there with my parents. I bought a house outside in a different place, but all the suburbs I guess you say you’re from Buffalo.”

Favorite thing about Buffalo?
“Food. There’s nothing like the food up there. They know how to make it the greasiest, the best fried anything. It’s so good, so bad for you but so good.”

What's your favorite NHL rink?
“San Jose was sweet. It was my first game, we got beat seven-to-one, but uh it was so loud and so cool in there. It was cool, the shark tank, it was awesome. 

Do you remember your first pro goal?
“It was towards then end of the season, in Norfolk and I don’t know. The puck came around and it was like a rim and I just one-timed it and somehow it snuck in. It was kinda weird but it was nice getting it done.”

What would be your personal goal song?
“I’ve never thought about that one. I don’t know. I love country music but you can’t really fit a country song into a goal song, so...I’d have to look I’m not sure.”

Do you have a nickname?
“Too many, ah I’ve picked up a few more playing pro, but growing up it was either Quicker, Quickie, in Norfolk it was Quickness, Quick Start. Uh I don’t know Quicker and Quickie are pretty standard ones but there have been a couple random ones in the last few years.

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