Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guest Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Road Warriors (4/2/12)

 As promised, here's the guest post from one of the most fantastic hockey ladies I've ever met, Chelsea Clyde. You can check out here website here and find her on Twitter here.


The curse is broken. I try not to be a superstitious person. I mean truly how much can wearing silly bands really impact a teams performance? However, I was starting to get a complex with the Everblades. They just never won when I was in the rink (my Jr. Blades never had such a problem, but that’s another story).
It got so bad that our dear SwampHockey debated whether inviting me to a game was a good decision. Lot’s of snark, not very many wins.
I’m happy to say after Monday’s 5-2 victory, the curse is officially broken and here’s how it happened.
1) The toe-tapping Muse.
 There are times that no matter the statistics I just “feel” comfortable with certain goalies. This year that was John Muse. “The Moose” has an interesting habit of tapping the toes of his skates on the ice before the start of the game. He didn’t stop however and went toe-to-toe with Greenville in the remaining seconds. The Everblades were running the clock with the puck behind the net. It was pretty comical to watch him “dance” as the Road Warriors forward tried to get around and force the Everblades to play the puck. 

2) Sébastien Piché.
The feisty defenseman made the game. He contributed one assist in the contest, but his shining moment is when he told Marc- Olivier Vallerand to “suck it” (not a direct quote). The two players appeared to be exchanging words throughout the contest. By the third period all it took was a little shove by Piche and Vallerand was ready to drop the gloves. From my seat it went like this: (shove) V: French curse word, P: You want to go?

Sebastien Piche

3) Matt Beca’s Ovi inspired goal celebration.
I’m always a fan of enthusiastic goal celebrations. This one took place right in front of my seat. Bec’s beat Nic Riopel and looked like Ralphie from A Christmas Story when he his parents surprise him with the Red Ryder BB gun. The chest bump to the glass and smothering of affection from his teammates didn’t hurt either. 



4) Scott Pitt and the “score board incident”
I expect things to be feisty with Greenville. After all they are captained by T.J. Reynolds (hate all you want, but his particular form pestering is an art form). However, you have to know when to pick your fights and with whom. I’ve seen Scott Pitt play sporadically since 2007. I’ve seen him score plenty of goals, but I’ve never seen him get in a fight (not saying it’s never happened, just that I’ve never seen it). So it came as no surprise that he didn’t take up the useless call from Greenville throughout the game. The entertaining part was his hand gesture at the end of the game. For those watching it was easy to see Pitt gesturing towards the score board as a Road Warrior tried to engage him. Smart move Mr. Pitt. We approve.

5) David Fischer’s chew toy.
Now we’ve already talked about superstitions and habits, but then there is Fischer’s mouth guard or more aptly named chew toy. I’m not sure how many of Fischer’s teeth it’s protecting, but if chewing on that lime green guard helps you score AND prevent goals, well keep on chewing. Fischer was a +1 on the night and scored the Everblades first goal. 

David Fischer

For people who like actual facts I’ve included the link to the game sheet, but let’s face it a game is much more than just a piece of paper.

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