Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guest Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Road Warriors (4/4/12)

Here we go with yet another post from the always magnificent Chelsea Clyde. I'm just going to leave to her website here in case you can't get enough.

Keeping with the theme of my t-shirt of the Wednesday night, this post shall be filled with poor pirate/sailing puns. 

Mathieu Roy
So to begin....
The Everblades prepared to set sail for Greenville, SC with a 4-2 victory Wednesday night. 
1. Jason Missiaen walks the plank.
The National Hockey League and I have something in common: we like big goalies. The Everblades liked Greenvilles 6’8” goalie Jason Missiaen so much they scored four times. While the Everblades offense demonstrated some smooth sailing it’s clear Greenville has little choice but to stay the course in goal.


2. Trevor Bruess released the Kraken.
The Everblades have a nightly “Collision of the Game” as voted on by fans. For Wednesday’s game we all got to pick between “option one: Trevor BRUESS” or “option two: Trevor BRUESS”. If you can’t figure it out Trevor Bruess won. Bruess is commonly known for his exuberance and can be spotted racing off the ice at the end of warm ups... and hitting anything that moves. Yeah, that too.

John Muse and Trevor Bruess

3. Muse sinks their ship.
The Everblades continued to put their faith in John Muse. This time Muse stopped 32 of 34 shots. The third star of the game, faced some rough waters with the marauding Road Warriors in his crease. His crew mates were there to back him up and some pretty glove saves later we had the W.


4. Rutherford is a scurvy dog (in the best way possible).
I once heard a fan refer to David Rutherford as a “man Chihuahua” or “manhuahua” while some people may take offense at the term I think it was a compliment. No one seems to get under opposing teams skin quite like Mr. Rutherford. #tinybutfierce

David Rutherford

5. Leigh Salters and his weapons of “mast” destruction.
As tensions continued to rise the off-ice production crew decided to give the Road Warriors a not so subtle reminder. The reminder was a video of Leigh Salters trouncing a Gwinnett Gladiator. His weapons of “mast” destructions: yeah those would be his hands. Salters is not only good in a fight but provided the game winning goal during the second period.

Now for the fun part. My baseless predictions/ wish list for the rest of the series. 

Brayden Irwin
  1. A duel to the death between John Muse and Nic Riopel. My money is on Muse. 
  2. Brayden Irwin gets a hat trick. This would annoy @Swamphockey till the end of time. (ed. note: I am happy any time a player scores, even when I'm generally underwhelmed by that players effort)
  3. Marc-Olivier Vallerand and Sebastien Piche sing “Oh Canada” in harmony and in french. “Oh Canada” is totally under utilized in the US. Plus, I see an episode of karaoke superstars in their future.
What would you like to see happen? Tell me on Twitter @CVClyde or leave a comment!
And as always the link to the stat sheet for those wanting “real” information.

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