Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Links

I know things haven't been going well in Blades land. Lucky for you guys I'm here to keep your minds off of it with some spectacular links.

- I do have to mention this bad news. Remember that boarding call (and the awesome penalty kill that resulted) on Dominic D'Amour? He was fined and suspended for three games. That means the Blades won't have his services for tonight or tomorrows games and the first home game against Wheeling. Super.

- Good thing I found an awesome cake that can cheer you up!

Goalie (Hockey) Cake with decorated cookies.

- I got so excited when I found this website that details how to build and maintain a hockey rink in your backyard... then I remembered I live in Florida. Not cool.

- Sadly, that makes this Zamboni for sale pretty useless. Unless... are Zamboni street legal?

- Great story about the Jr. Everblades (not to be confused with the Jr. Blades) bringing another banner to add with all the others.

- This 05 Blades season ticket holder jersey is pretty neat. The price is nice as well.

- I squealed like a little girl when I saw how adorable this little guy is. How freaking cute can he be?!

- I'm really pumped about the new franchise in Orlando. Icethetics found out (scroll down to the last story) that the chances of the old IHL Solar Bears name being used again are pretty much for sure since it appears that the ECHL now owns the Solar Bears logo and trademark. Awesome.

- By the way, your Wikipedia hockey page of the day? Easy- "Orlando Solar Bears"

- It occurs to me that sometimes, when you're in a funk, it's best to mix things up. Therefore, I've decided to post a puppy picture, rather than a kitty picture, to inspire the Blades. Also, come on, that face! Look at that face! I just want to baby talk that jowly little face!

funny dog pictures - Cuz aiz gud enuf... Aiz smart enuf... an dog-gone-it... hoomiz like meh
see more dog and puppy pictures

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