Sunday, November 27, 2011

Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Wings (11/26/11)

I'm going to do my best to re-cap a game that I barely heard thanks to radio issues (but they're going to fix a problem that's been happening all season this week! Sigh).

The first was rather uneventful. The usual chance trading, yada, yada, John Muse being awesome, yada, yada. The radio feed cut out at least three times and cut to commercial during important moments twice. Same old same old.

The second was much the same. Matt Beca had an opportunity to give the Blades the lead with a penalty shot early in the period. Unfortunately, the Blades seem to be snakebitten when it comes to penalty shots. No goal. Luckily, during one of the commercial breaks Mike McKenzie was able to give the Blades the 1-0 lead (assist to Devos and Van Dyk). Wish I could tell you what happened on that goal. 770 thought screaming at me about downloading a radio app on to my nonexistent iPhone was more important. The period ended with the Blades still in the lead and some extracurricular activities that were definitely going to result in penalties.

The third period saw both Ryan Donald and a K-Wings player get matching 2 minute roughing penalties as well as 10 minute unsportsmanlike penalties. This was a fantastic set of events since the Blades had already moved Ryan Galiardi, a forward, back to defence to help cover for our thinned out defencive corps. The Blades managed pretty well until the only penalty to be called in the third was slapped down. Because life's not fair, the Blades were on the receiving end. At 13:39 the K-Wings tied it up on the power play and ruined the shut-out Muse deserved. The third period ended with the score tied 1-1. The game would have to be decided by a little sudden death overtime.

Yet again, I heard most of the period, but then... innapropriately timed commercial time, yay! When the game finally comes back on, all you could hear were the ominous sounds of happy K-Zoo fans. I don't have to tell you happy opposing fans means sad Blades fans. Apparently, at 3:38 in the period, the Wings got one past Muse. Of course, I can't tell you how. I'm going to assume it was a total fluke goal because I've decided neither Muse nor Nagle can do any wrong. Either way, the K-Wings won 2-1. Boo.

SOG: 28-40 Wings

Three stars: Mike McKenzie earned the second star the other ywo don't matter.

Some thoughts:
- I just realized I didn't make a single Kory Karlander is old joke. My apologies, here: Kory Karlander is so old he remembers when hockey sticks were carved from mamoth femurs.
- 5 of 6 possible points on the road is awesome. I'm happy with the team right now.
- That said, can we please work on penalty shot/shoot-out situations? We're losing important chances by not taking advantage of these.
- Also, maybe a bit of discipline would be a good idea?
- It would be great to get a defenceman back. Preferably Murray.

The Blades come back for a two full weeks of home games. In there is the annual teddy bear toss game. New this year will be the auction of the bears the players will be making on Monday. I almost want to go witness a roster full of hockey player in Build-a-Bear picking out cute teddy bear outfits. Almost.

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