Monday, November 14, 2011

News and Notes

The Blades may not have swept the Nailers, but winning two of three games against one of the best teams in the ECHL is nothing to laugh at. I'm not going to do a re-cap of Saturday's game since I heard only around 15 minutes of it thanks to radio issues and I refuse to write my re-caps off of game notes.

-I do have the pictures from Friday's game:

-This is my favorite from the set. Leigh Salters' goal!


-I have a video or two to get up on to YouTube and I'll post those videos along with some others I've found in a big round-up tomorrow.

- It appears that the Nailers player that boarded Kyle Lawson will not be suspended or fined. Super.

- Right before Saturday's game the Blades announced they received Scott Fletcher in a trade from Toledo. I suggest checking him out on YouTube. Dude can throw some bombs.

The Players have a week off until Fridays game. Hopefully, we can get some players healthy.

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