Thursday, November 10, 2011

Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Nailers (11/9/11)

After finishing off their marathon nine game road trip, it would be easy to understand if the guys had come out a little tired looking in their first game back. I guess the Blades got some good relaxation time in on the beach, because they looked great.

The Blades managed to score 4 goals in the span of around six minutes. Luc Tardif led the charge netting his second of the year at the 12:22 mark (assists to Rutherford and Raymond). About three minutes later, Leigh Salters netted his third of the year (assist to Galiardi). Around a minute later Trevor Bruess scored his first of the year (assisted by Galiardi and Raymond) with an awesome behind the back shot that I really hope someone got a video of. Two minutes later, Chris Murray netted his third of the year on the power play (assists to Devos and Rutherford). The period ended with the Blades up 4-0. Of course, the period was not without drama. Chris Murray ended up mixing it up with one of the Nailers in what I assume was a pathetic attempt at breathing some life into a team that had been playing flat.

As could be expected, the Nailers opted to switch goalies between periods. Out was Peter Delmas, the goalie who gave up four goals on eleven shots. In was my favorite crazy visiting goalie from last season, Patrick Killeen. He proved my initial judgement of him correct when a little over five minutes into the game he tried to fight Leigh Salters after mishandling the puck. You read that right. The Nailers goalie went after the guy who is pretty much our enforcer (who, to be fair, seems to have quite the scoring touch at the moment). Salters ended up fighting former Everblade Scott Hothams brother Andrew. Guess who got it on video?

There was really no other occurrences beyond a Nailers goal in the latter half of the period to make it 4-1. Of course, once the horn sounded at the end of the period, the Nailers got up to their old tricks again. This time several scrums erupted, including one involving Matt Beca. It was kind of crazy.

The third was really not much to talk about. Neither team was really able to do anything, and the guys in stripes put away their whistles for the most part. The final score was 4-1.

Game summary here.

Photos from last night:

Some thoughts:
- Holy Moose. John Muse has definitely earned the starting gig. He certainly is a fun goalie to watch. That last ditch save in the first gave me a heart attack... in a good way.
- Pat Nagle should get a start in one of the Back to back games Friday or Saturday. Hopefully, he's had a chance to catch his breath and get to a better place. One would hope the guys keep up their solid play to help him out.
- I have a feeling this game was the first one the Everblades were out-shot in. 28-16, wow.
- My new jersey is 3-0 in the regular season. Boom.

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