Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Links

I'm still shaking off the turkey day sluggishness. Lucky for you guys, I've managed to pull myself off the couch long enough to serve you some nice, fresh, links. You read that right. No slightly dry leftover links for you guys. No gravy necessary.

- Third String Goalie is being awesome as usual with their take on Black Friday.

- Um, yuck. Remind me to not eat in Ohio if I happen to ever in end up there.

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Ice Hockey Australia." Of course their logo is a kangaroo with a hockey stick. What else would they use?

- Ok, this cake is just plain awesome. I don't even care about it being Flyers themed.

Philadelphia Flyers Groom's 

- I have no idea how useful a Nashville Predators themed birdhouse is, but it's out there just enough to be funny.

- Another puppy picture since they've been working pretty well.

funny dog pictures - When I walk by  Girls be looking like damn he fly
see more dog and puppy pictures

By the way, it's an Everblades game night. They play the first of a two game series with Kalamazoo tonight. Oh, and they beat Toledo Wednesday. I was distracted by the whole Sidney Crosby's second game back hubbub. Sorry?

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