Tuesday, November 15, 2011

YouTube Tuesday

Today's YouTube Tuesday is a video round-up of the Wheeling Florida series.

First up, the video of the nasty hit on  Kyle Lawson and David Rutherford's first fight as an Everblades:

Next up, the highlights of the 11/9 game courtesy of the Nailers. I'm pretty sure Roy going puck hunting under delmas is what got him off of his game so bad in that period. I'm also sure that I wanted blood after Muse was run over.

Side note: I could re-watch Bruess' goal a million times. So awesome.

Last, the highlights from the 11/11 game. Oh man, thinking of that game still gives me happy feelings.

Sadly (but not really), there doesn't appear to be any highlights from Saturday's loss. Too bad.

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