Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Links

It's finally an Everblades game night. Here's hoping all the time off has been good for the guys.

- The players are wearing special jerseys tonight, and they'll be auctioned off tomorrow (anyone want to grab Bruess' for me? I'd love you forever).

- I went to see the Penguins take on the Lightning last night. Here are the pictures if you're interested.

- This is a neat old Cleveland Crusaders t-shirt.

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- "Cleveland Crusaders"

- How neat are these cupcakes?!

Hockey Cupcakes

- Anyone know when exactly this Everblades warm-up was worn? I've never seen one around the rink.

- This really isn't hockey related, but I can resist. Connect some famous men from the 19th century to their facial hair.

- I'm still hoping the puppies are good luck. Mostly because of this little guys adorable face.

cute puppy pictures - I will be taking one sock from your matched pairs per day... Until you take me off of this "diet" ... capiche?
see more dog and puppy pictures

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