Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Links

It's an Everblades game day you guys! The took down one of the best teams in the conference Wednesday, and they take them on again tonight. On top of that it's Veterans day. Hockey and a day celebrating brave men and women who fight for their country? Pretty awesome combination.

- I found pure gold over on eBay. I usually troll the site for interesting jerseys from defunct ECHL teams (lamest jersey collection ever?) and this one came up. I can't recall ever seeing a Renegades jersey before. Too bad it's a youth jersey.

- That made selecting your Wikipedia hockey page for today easy- "Richmond Renegades"

- I wish I could share the picture but I can't. Do click on this link and check out the first hockey fight cake I've ever come across. It's too funny.

- Oh man, WANT. So cool, but I'm not dropping $60 on anything. No matter how "vintage" it is.

- Third String Goalie is celebrating 11/11/11 by chronicling the greatest players to wear 11.

- The puppies will keep coming as long as the streak keeps going. How adorable is that face?!

funny dog pictures - I berry disappoynted hoomin
see more dog and puppy pictures

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