Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Gladiators (11/1/11)

The Blades rolled into Gwinnett in a pretty bad place. They've slid into last place in the South Division. Luckily, for both them and us, they're not last in the conference. Of course, third to last isn't too much better than last.

Needless to say, a win was sorely needed.

A rather uneventful first included delays due to on-ice officials having a skate malfunction and being unable to convert on back-to-back penalties. Both teams left the ice with the score tied 0-0.

The second period saw former Everblade Tyler Helfrich open up the scoring for the Gladiators a little over eight minutes into the period. A little over  a minute later, Philip-Michael Devos was able to score on the power play. Assists went to Murray and Fischer. In the closing minutes of the second period, Alex Hutchings was able to give the Blades the 2-1 lead. Assists on that goal went to Pitt and Van Dyk.

That lead would be short lived however. About four minutes into the third the Gladiators were able to tie it up with a flukey goal.

Oh, hey, look at this, highlights of the game. Including the flukey goal that tied the game.

With about eight minutes left in the period, the Glads took the lead and, as it's been lately, the Blades just couldn't get it back. They ended up losing 3-2.

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The full game summary is here.

I'm not ready to push the panic button yet. I'm very willing to give them a when they're in the middle of a nine game road trip. Obviously, it would be nice if they could pull of a win in the next two games. My concern is how well they fare against Wheeling and Greenville in the home games that start next week. Until I see them in person, rather than a blurry image on B2, I'm not ready to make any call.

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