Saturday, November 12, 2011

Re-Cap: Everblades vs. Nailers (11/11/11)

After Wednesday's game, I figured the Nailers would come out with something to prove Friday. Unfortunately for them, the Blades are playing like their families are being held hostage and the ransom is a 10 game win streak.

The first half of the first period was relatively quiet (both figuratively and literally, we really need to make some noise during games guys) until almost 12 minutes into the game when DJ Rutherford netted his third of the season (Galiardi with the assist). Shortly after that the Ref realized he hadn't made a single call and the period was almost over. Thus, the biggest BS call Germain has seen in a long time was made. Goalie John Muse received a penalty for playing the puck outside of the crease. I can't even describe how stupid opting to penalize a goalie for something they all do is. Whatever, Robby Dee was there to fix everything. He netted an unassisted shortie for his fifth goal of the season. The Nailers were able to convert on their next power play unfortunately and the period saw the Blades holding only a 2-1 lead.

Thankfully, Alex Hutchings was able to convert on a power play that had carried over from the 1st 33 seconds into the second for his fifth of the season (Rutherford and Dee with assists). The Nailers got one past Muse a little over a minute later to narrow the lead again. The score stood at 3-2 until Leigh Salters netted his fourth of the season around the 11 minute mark (assists to Lawson and Galiardi). About two minutes later Nailers goalie Patrick Killeen took exception to Ryan Donald cooling him off with a little flurry of ice and tried to fight for the second time in the series. The Blades left the ice up 4-2 on the Nailers.

A little over five minutes into the third, Hutchings scored his second of the night to give the Blades a three goal lead (assists to Rutherford and Roy). Shortly after that, one of the Nailers delivered nasty check on Kyle Lawson. Sending him head first into the boards and leaving him dazed. Rutherford flew in to get some justice (and did pretty well getting it). Matt Beca netted his first of the season once the penalties were worked out to make it 6-2 (assist to Salters). Hutchings followed with his third of the night to make it 7-2 and earn a hat trick.

Some Thoughts:
- Muse stopped 32 of 34 shots. He's on fire right now.
- Two for four on the power play? I'll happily take that.
- Dee's shortie on a PK caused by a BS call was delicious. There was no better way to give the ol' middle finger to the ref than that.
- Gordie Howe hat trick for Rutherford. Awesome.
- How fun is it to watch Hutchings? If he doesn't end up with some NHL time I will be quite a sad lady.
- Bruess might not really land on the scoresheet too much but, Sweet Caroline, I love watching him. The dude does not quit when he wants the puck.

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