Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Links

Tonight is the first night of fan appreciation weekend, and as sad is it is to be down to the last two regular season games, it means two games until playoffs start! To hold you over until tonights live blog, enjoy these links.

- This article on ice rinks was pretty interesting for me... of course I'm a huge hockey nerd.

- Your (timely) Wikipedia hockey page "Playoff Beard"!

- Any of my Aeros peeps want to identify the players in these "vintage" pictures (skater and goalie)?

- This old article mentions (aside from the death of the Wildcatters) that the Zamboni company makes an effort to buy back old Zamboni machines. They actually fix them up and sell them again. I wonder how much a used Zamboni goes for...

- I'm pretty sure I make faces like this during games. Of course, I'm not a dude so I can get away with it.

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I also want to add this minor side note. From what I hear Anton Khudobin is expected to start in his second NHL game against the Edmonton Oilers at 9:30. You can catch it if you get Center Ice (or don't mind googling for an illegal feed of the game). My DVR is set!


  1. I think the Wild play Edmonton on Monday. It's Sharks tonight. Presumably Anton won't have to face them. Haha...

    I'll see if I can find out who those Aeros are. They're before my time, for sure.

  2. Well, they sure are Aeros players, but.. maybe a bit too vintage for me, before my Houston time? Any biters yet?


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