Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Live Blog: Blades vs. Jackals (4/6/10)

The Blades take on the Elmira Jackals tonight for the first game of the Kelly Cup playoffs. Here's hoping the Blades keep up their winning ways from Friday.


The best way to describe the first period was WOOOOO! The Blades had it togethrt (for once), they dominated the Jackals. A flukey goal 39 seconds in (the jackals goaltender pushed it in with his glove) gave the Blades the first goal, it was credited to Ryan Lang. Another goal by the Lampe in the later part of the period put the Blades up 2-0. As long as the Blades keep up their aggressive play, and as long as the Jackals keep playing sloppy as heck, this might just be the first game they win with me in atendance.


Well, the best way to describe that period was WTF?  A lot of Jackals penalties were not called, and the Blades had a goal dissalowed. The Jackals took advantage of that BS call, and got one past Chris Beckford-Tseu to make it 2-1. Even with the officials doing their best to hand it to the Jackals the Blades got a goal with one second left to take a two goal lead once again.

Lets hope they keep it up! Some even-up calls wouldn't hurt either.


Whoa, my heart is still pounding! The third period was nuts! We went into the third period up 3-1 on the Jackals. The period was pretty back and forth, the Jackals were not going quietly. It was pretty normal, with the exception of the scoarboard having a minor meltdown (seriously Bushy can we upgrade already?). All the action hapened in the las three(ish) minutes of the game. The Jackals pulled their goalie and were able to take advantage of their extra attacker, narrowing the Blades lead to 3-2. They pulled the goalie again, but the Blades got the empty netter to make it 4-2. The Jackals pulled their goalie yet again. The ref then decided it wasn't exciting enough so he called a penalty on Brad Zanon. The Jackals were able to convert on the power play (who couldn't with a 6 on 4?) to make it 4-3. Thankfully nothing else happened and the Blades won the first game of the series.

The Blades looked awesome. They were playing great hockey. Lots of shot blocking, and aggressive checking. The Jackals looked compleatly overwelmed for most of the game. Becks was solid, and the Donati brothers were non existant in my opinion. As long as things keep up like this the Blades may have a chance.

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