Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Live Blog: Blades vs. Royals (4/14/10)

The Puck is about to drop on the first game of the second series of the Kelly Cup Playoffs. The Blades have a big fight on their hands. Here's hoping they play their best, they can do almost anything when they do.


Would you believe 4-2 is the score at the end of the first period? It is. Chris Beckford-Tseu was pulled after the second goal (in the opening minutes of the game) for Adrien Lemay. The Blades were able to narrow the lead thanks to a power play goal from Milan Gajic. The Royals answered back thanks to a turnover to make it 3-1. Another goal from Mike Bayrack narrowed the Royals lead once again, but the Royals got it back to make it 4-2.

Hopefully, they wake up. There hasn't been terribly sloppy play, and they did dominate for the closing minutes of the period, but they can't sit back and let this team come to them.

They better get a good, loud, yelling from Cameron, and they better wake up.


I guess if the Blades were going to (finally) have a great period that was the best time to have one. Captain Ross Carlson started the period of right, notching a goal 11 seconds into the period to make it 4-3. Ryan Lang (who is now the ginger wonder) tied it up 4-4, and the sound of angry Reading fans over the radio was awesome. A power play goal by Mike Bayrack with 50 seconds to go in the period made it 5-4. That goal gave him two goals and two assists and officially made him the beast of the game (new thing, get used to it)!

The Blades compleatly dominated the Royals in a way they haven't all year. It would be amazing to see them keep this up. Right now they have momentum on their side, they just have to keep it up.

Holy crap the third was more nuts than the second. The Blades were able to convert on the power play early in the third to make it 6-4, and give Mike Bayrack the hat trick. Unfortunately, the Royals battled back quickly scoaring three goals to make it a 7-6 game. Although Lemay was pulled for the extra attacker the Blades just couldn't force overtime, and the Royals won game one of the series. Blame lucky cat...

(must be lucky for Bayrack only)

Overall it was a good game for both teams.The Blades had an amazing second period, but they couldn't stop the Royals. If they can play the way they did the second period consistently they really could dominate. They just can't let Reading battle back. The Royals really can't be underestimated, they know how to come fast and furious.


They take the Royals on tomorrow, but I have a class I can't skip. So, I'm expecting you guys to update me for once (at least until I get out). Also, the final game sheet is here.

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