Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Live Blog: Blades vs. Royals (4/20)

It's almost time for the puck to drop on what could be the last game of the Everblades season. So far, the Blades have lost three is a row to the Reading Royals. One more loss in this best of seven series ends it all.

Will the Blades find a way to force a game 5, or will they channel their inner Carolina Hurricanes and be steamrolled by the Royals in four games?


It was good to see the Blades play a solid period of hockey. They were dominant for most of the early minutes. They managed to hold the Royals from getting a single SOG for quite a few minutes. There were a lot of close calls, thanks to some really bouncy pucks. Chris Beckford-Tseu has been really solid. He's been run over by both his own player, and by a Royals player. The Royals came on really strong in the last six minutes, but the Blades held them off. The final score as the players left the ice was 0-0.

Hopefully, the Blades keep up their playoff habit of having an awesome second period.


The Royals really turned on the pressure in the second. The only thing that kept the Blades alive for that period was a solid preformance from Becks. You could tell the teams really don't like each other. Their was a big scrum at the end of the period, and from the looks of it, some dudes will be sitting in the penalty box at the start of the third. The score at the end of the period was still 0-0.

Is it crazy to hope for some third period Blades magic? I'm crossing my fingers, and making deals with the hockey gods...


I guess it was only a matter of time before one of the teams would score. The Royals drew blood first (I could have lived without the jumping on the glass, but oh well). Mike Bayrack was able to tie it up. Unfortunately, the Royals took the lead again and the Blades just couldn't get it back. The final score of the last game of the season was 2-1.

I'm sad that the seasons over, but I'm already starting to think about next season.

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