Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Links

Here's your late afternoon serving of some piping hot Friday links.

- I was aware they had an ice hockey league in England, I just didn't care. Now that they have one of my favorite players it's time for me (and all of you) to read up. Your Wikipedia hockey page- "Elite Ice Hockey League".

- This is a pretty cool ranking of all the goalies in the AHL. Our affiliates goalies did pretty well, Albany's Justin Peters is 10th, and Rochester's Alexander Salak is 18th. The AHL goalies we've had did not fair as well, Barry Brust is on the list at 61, and Chris Beckford-Tseu is on at 102 (which is not fair considering he's spent most of the year here).

- I'm not into hockey cards at all, but I think the picture of the player on the card should be hockey related. A Tractor? Really?

- I must find $450. I must have this!

- This is a funny list of the top ten best mustaches in hockey history.

- If you haven't heard yet, Brooks Laich is the nicest dude in the whole world.

- I think it's love...

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