Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Links!

Season hasn't been over for a whole week yet and I'm bored out of my skull. I'm pretty sure you guys may be too. Here are some links to entertain you for today at least...

- You may be aware of my goalie addiction. If your not, check out this set I have up on Flickr to understand why I love goalies so much.

- Another reason for my goalie obsession- Jacques Plante

- Your wikipedia hockey page "Underwater Hockey", I have finally found a type of hockey that I'd be good at.

- I love Russian hockey jerseys. This junior hockey jersey is pretty cool.

- Woody had this interesting article on the possibility of the ECHL absorbing teams from the IHL, which may be in danger of folding. You can also check out this article about one IHL's teams options for the future, and what a change to the ECHL could mean.

- I have so many awesome pictures I can't use because of the weird faces the players always seem to be making. Instead of allowing a decent picture languish on my hard drive, I think I'll post them on Fridays. Enjoy a really excited Ross Carlson...

The Blades are having the end of the season jersey auction next Thursday at 6:00, I'm tempted to go and blow the money I've saved for next semesters school books on a jersey. Of course, I'd end up buying the jersey of a guy I'm not a big fan of just because his jersey was going for less than the other guys.

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