Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Live Blog: Blades vs. Jackals (4/7/10)

The Blades are taking on the Jackals in game two of their series. Can the Blades keep up their winning ways? Will Chris Beckford-tseu make those timely saves? Will the Jackals wake the heck up and play hockey? Will their goalie help us score? Will I continue to ask pointless rhetorical questions?

Check back for the re-cap at the end of each period to find out!


There was a lot of back and forth during the first period, and a ton of scuffles. Unfortunately, neither team ws able to score, ansd they left the ice tied 0-0. There were some bright spots, the Ref seems to be on our side tonight, and the Jackals are still slopy as heck.

The Blades just need to have a decent second period (for once), and they may have a chance.


I guess a decent second period was a lot to wish for. The Blades drew first blood with a goal from Lampe. Sadly, the Jackals tied it up not long after. Two more goals by the Jackals sent the teams off the ice to a score of 3-1. The final SOG totals are a huge indicator of how the period went, Blades 11 and Jackals 21.

The teams are certainly really developing a nasty rivalry. The play is getting super physical, tons of big checks are being thrown. There are also a lot of scuffles after the whistle, tons chirping, and both teams are taking cheap shots at each other.

The third is going to be very interesting...


Yeah, about the whole the third is going to be interesting.... it wasn't. In fact the third period sucked. After two more goals by the Jackals (5-1 if your keeping track) my mind started to wander. Although there was some debate about one of the goals not be legit, I was really more concearned with who i hated more. Was it the annoying Elmira fan with the smokers voice? Or the dude behind me trying to impress his date by talking about the power kill (power play moron!)?

The Blades did score with 15 seconds left to make it 5-2. Lampe got his second goal of the night and third of the playoffs. Obviously they couldn't score the three goals they needed in the last 15 seconds.

The boys now have to travel to Elmira for game three on Friday. If they don't wake up in time that will be the last game they play at home this season.

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