Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No More Cameron

I'm having some minor Internet issues at the moment (do yourself a favor and don't ever use HughesNet). Until I can get it working, i'm just throwing up this quick post.

The Everblades announced today that Coach Malcom Cameron has resigned. I don't think anyone is really too suprised after how this season has gone. I'm not going to celebrate him not coming back next season, but I am going to admit I'm very relieved. From what I have heard many of the players were not happy with his coaching style. Some even chose to go to other teams, or not even play, because of him. A coach that chases away players makes the organization look bad.

I'm excited that this may mean that players who left just because of him may return. It really would be so great to see Peter Metcalf come back, he was a very dependable player. It would also be nice to maybe see Steve McJannet return. Who am I kidding? It would be the best thing ever if Trouble came back.

I am worried that some guys (Zanon and Nicholson come to mind) would not want to play for another coach. I also worry that a new coach means a new system, and some players won't fit into the new style. We won't really find out what any of this means until next season starts. How much longer until next season?

*** Update! ***

Now i'm seeing rumors floating around on the Internet. One, that Cameron is headed to the AHL, most likely the Houston Aeros. I'm not teribly suprised by that. He had a good relationship with the team when he coached the Wildcatters. The Wild also fired the old coach of the Aeros recently. I would resign from an ECHL position if I had an AHL one lined up too.  The other rumor that seems to be coming from the players is that Ernie Hartlieb has expressed interest in coaching the Everblades. I'm not suprised by  the idea of Ernie as a coach, he's super popular with fans and players alike, and it's obvious he has a great mind for the game. He also has a great relationship with the Blades organization. A transition from player to coach would be easy for him. It may also explain his CallIup to the AHL as well, a kind of last hurrah and parting gift from the teams to a well liked guy.

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