Saturday, April 17, 2010

Live Blog: Blades vs. Royals (4/17/10)

The Blades return home in a perilous position. They're down 2-0 in the series to the Reading Royals. They've had a lot of good things happen, but they just can't seem to overcome the Jackals offense. Is tonight the night the Blades crack the Royals? Lucky cat's ready, are you?


The Blades didn't have a very good first period. I'm hoping this means the other two will be better. They seemed very disinterested for most of the period. Thanks to some great saves by goalie Chris Beckford-Tseu, the Blades are only down 1-0 so far this game (which is pretty good compared to the last two games is pretty good). It's only the first period, the Blades have plenty of time to come back.


The Blades couldn't have played a better period. They dominated for most of the period. Unfortunately, they didn't get any reward for their hard work. This is has almost become a duel between Becks and Dalton. Both goalies have been making awesome saves, and the score at the end of the period showed. Both teams left the ice to the Royals up 1-0 on the Blades.

The Blades need to keep it up. They have an entire period to work with, and they love to have third period comebacks.


The Blades worked harder than I can ever remember them working. Kevin Baker was able to tie it up with about six minutes to go. It was a well earned reward for their hard work. Unfortunately, the Royals were able to get a puck past Becks with 3 minutes left in the period (which totally sucked after he had such an awesome game). The Blades couldn't find a way to even it up again. The final score was 2-1, and the Royals took a 3-0 lead in the series.


The Blades played the way they needed to against the Royals. It's a shame they couldn't be rewarded for their hard work. I have honestly never seen a team that has the Royals particular combination of skill and luck. Hopefully, this is a real wake up call, and the Blades find whatever it is they have been missing. It's no fun to play with your back against the wall, but, the Blades have put themselves here and now they have to get themselves out.

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