Friday, April 2, 2010

LiveBlog: Blades vs. Checkers (4/2)

The second to last regular season game is about to start. Last chance to humiliate the Checkers before they become our affiliate.

The starting line: Duffy, Olson, Carlson, Gajic, and Lemay (2nd start in goal!).

The first period was all about the back and forth hockey. The Checkers were pretty dominant for the beginning of the first. The Blades took over during the latter half of the period. They had two chances on the power play but were unable to convert. Benn Olson took on a player at center ice, although it was more of a hugging match than a fight (either way it's on video). The period ended scorless. The SOG were 7 for the Blades and 12 for the Checkers. Here's hoping the second goes better than it usually does for the Blades.

So, I'm sure none of you are suprised that the Blades were awful during the second period. A shortie and an own goal put the Checkers up 3-1 on the Blades. There was an exciting moment when Keving Baker scrapped with a Checker player after a tussle in the corner.

Hopefully, Cameron will rip into them in the locker room. They really need to wake up and quit hanging Lemay out to dry.

Well, they cut down on letting Lemay suffer, and they put tons of pressure on the Checkers, but nothing worked. They had so many chances, but they just couldn't convert. The final score was 3-1.

I'm hoping they don't plan to play like that during the playoffs. If they do, it will not be a long post-season.

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