Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Links

The Blades lost to the Royals 5-4 last night. Unfortunately, I missed most of the game, and I hate writing a re-cap from the game sheet and the teams press release. Because of that, I'm going to be lazy and just leave those links for you.

Although I doubt you guys even noticed the lack of links last Friday, I still feel bad about missing it. To make it up to you I'll post this funny picture of Ernie.

Since I know I'm forgiven now, on to the links!

- Your Wikipedia hockey page- "One Timer"

- I really want this shirt, might order one next pay day...

- Some random hockey anecdotes, at least read down to the one about Bobby Hull's toupee.

- You can own an authentic, signed, game worn, Olympic hockey jersey. The problem? It's for Norway, and you have to have it shipped from England. Still, it says Norge on the front which is cool. I wish someone would put the team Finland jerseys up, they were cool.

- I was trying to see where Ross Carlson's goal 11 seconds into the second period Wednesday stood record-wise, but I couldn't find anything. I did find all the different records for the ECHL. I also found Danny Sabourin (one of my least favorite Penguins goalies) actually set a record.

The Blades will be back in town tomorrow night to take on the Royals. As always, check back for the live blog!

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