Friday, April 30, 2010

Goodbye Brad Zanon

(I'll post the Friday links later this afternoon. Right now, we mourn the loss of Big Red)

I'm not going to gloat about being right about one of the players I suggested may not return signing with another team. Sadly, I was right about Brad Zanon. He's off to England to play for the Coventry Blaze.

You can check out these stories (here and here). Basically, the coach liked what he saw when Red was playing college, they love his numbers, and he'll have the opportunity to go to college. You have to be proud of the guy choosing to further his education, at some point every hockey player has to retire and find a normal job. I'm a little upset that this team can offer a deal like this and we can't, even though we have a university pretty much across the street!

I'm happy for him, but I'm sad we're losing one of the most dependable defensemen on the roster for the last two seasons. It is also bit sad that the Zanon/Thelen line has been split up.

The only thing I have left to say is this- You have been blessed with the greatness of a Zanon Coventry, you better appreciate it. (You need to come back Metclaf. I'm not putting up with a bunch of rookies and Thelen)

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